Seacoast Lacrosse Club is an independent, all volunteer, non-profit organization committed to providing a high quality youth Lacrosse program for players aged 6-15 years old, who reside within the Portsmouth High School Administrative Unit (SAU 50 & 52)

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 Seacoast Lacrosse Club Bylaws

Article I – Name and Offices

1.1 The name of this lacrosse club is the Seacoast Lacrosse Club, also known as


Article II – Purpose

2.1 The purpose of Seacoast Lacrosse is:

(a) To give Seacoast Lacrosse Club players the opportunity to play in the New

Hampshire Youth Lacrosse Association (NHYLA) and to promote lacrosse

skill development to a competitive level, fair play, sportsmanship and

peer/family participation.

(b) Organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific

purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue


Article III – Record Keeping

3.1 There shall be kept, at a location designated by the Board of Directors, records of

Membership and complete accounts of the activities and transactions of Seacoast

Lacrosse. These shall include, but not limited to: minute book, copy of the

Seacoast Lacrosse Bylaws and all amendments.

Article IV – Meetings

4.1 The annual meeting shall be held in the fall (September, October or November) at

a convenient time and place as determined by the Board of Directors.

Article V – Membership

5.1 There shall be two classes of Membership in SEACOAST LACROSSE: voting

and non-voting:

(a) A voting member shall be up to nine members of the Board of Directors,

which is comprised of the four appointed officers and five general Board


(b) Parents of players and coaches (not otherwise serving on the Board) of

SEACOAST LACROSSE shall constitute the non-voting membership.

(c) Upon the merger of Rye Youth Lacrosse with Seacoast Lacrosse, at least

three (3) voting board member positions shall thereafter be reserved for

residents of Rye, NH.

Merger approved: September 15, 2009


Article VI – Board of Directors


6.1 Officers of SEACOAST LACROSSE are defined as President, Vice President,

Secretary, and Treasurer.

6.2 Officers and Duties:


other duties as necessary; authorized to sign/countersign all checks.


league meetings, nominate and oversee the field coordinator, and other duties

as assigned; authorized to sign/countersign all checks.


all meetings and maintain all official records; perform other duties as



LACROSSE funds; keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and

disbursements; deposit all moneys in the name of SEACOAST LACROSSE;

render to the Board an account of all transactions; perform other duties as

assigned. The treasurer may sign all checks up to an amount not to exceed

five hundred dollars ($500.00). All checks greater than five hundred dollars

($500.00) shall require two (2) of the three (3) authorized board signatories.


6.3 Terms of Office:

(a) Board members will be elected to two-year terms with terms being offset.

6.4 Removal from office:

(a) Attendance at all meetings of the Board is required. Any Board member

that fails to attend three (3) consecutive regularly scheduled meetings may be

removed from the Board by a majority voice vote of the remaining Board


(b) Removal of a Board member for any reason other than absenteeism requires a

unanimous voice vote by the existing Board not including the subject Board


6.5 Elections:

(a) Nominations will be accepted from the adult SEACOAST LACROSSE

membership for all Board vacancies.

(b) The election of new Board members will be conducted by the existing Board

from the accepted nominations. Elections will take place at the Annual

Meeting in the fall (September, October or November) preceding the primary

spring season.

President: shall preside over all meetings of the Board and assign or performVice President: shall perform duties of the President, if required, attend allSecretary: shall take minutes of annual and board meetings; give notice ofTreasurer: shall collect, receive, disburse and record all SEACOASTGeneral Board Members: shall perform duties as assigned.

(c) Appointment of new officers will be conducted by the new Board at their first

scheduled meeting.

(d) The Board, as necessary may appoint advisors to the Board. These advisors

are non-voting members of the Board.

(e) In the event of a mid-term vacancy, the Board President, with Board

approval, may appoint a new member to the Board to serve the remainder of

the term.

Article VII – Amendment

7.1 These by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws may be

adopted by the Board of Directors, provided that any bylaws or amendments

thereto as adopted by the may be altered, amended or repealed by vote of the

Board, or a new by-law in lieu thereof may be adopted by the Board.

7.2 Notice must be given to all Board members ten (10) days prior to a meeting for

the purpose of altering or amending these bylaws.

7.3 A quorum of five (5) members of the Board of Directors is necessary to vote on

any amendments to the bylaws.

Article VIII – Coaches

8.1 All SEACOAST LACROSSE coaches and assistant coaches must apply to and be

approved by the Board.

(a) All SEACOAST LACROSSE teams must have an experienced head coach

and a minimum of one assistant coach. Lacrosse experience can be either as

a lacrosse coach at any level or former player.

(b) All candidates for coaching positions shall consent to and be subject to a

criminal background check.

8.2 The Board will intercede on a coach’s “philosophy” only when the team or its

players are adversely affected (i.e., abusive language, unilateral cancellation of

practices or games, failure to follow policy set by the Board, etc.)

8.3 Team coaches must meet minimum licensing requirements and/or standards as set

forth by NHYLA.

Article IX – Disciplinary Code

9.1 Any player or coach receiving two (2) penalties in a season for unsportsmanlike

behavior, game misconduct or player bench penalties is subject to disciplinary

action by the Board. This may include further review and action as well as

penalties up to and including expulsion from SEACOAST LACROSSE.

9.2 Coaches must keep track of any unsportsmanlike behavior, game misconduct or

bench penalties issued to players or coaches and report to the Board immediately

after each game.

9.3 Upon notification to player’s parent/guardian and the Board by the coach, habitual

absenteeism from practices or games shall subject the player to dismissal from the


(a) In case of player reprimand or dismissal, notification of approved action shall

be provided to parent(s)/guardian by the Board.

9.4 Habitual use of abusive language and/or behavior by a SEACOAST LACROSSE

player, coach or member shall subject that player, coach or member to dismissal

from the team and/or program.

(a) Notice of any disciplinary action taken by the Board against an individual

shall be provided to the individual by the Board via certified mail.

9.5 Coaches, players and their parent/guardian have the right of appeal of the

disciplinary code.

(a) Appeals must be submitted to the Board in writing specifying all pertinent

information within five (5) days of notice of approved action.

(b) In the event of a player appeal by parent(s)/guardian, a written statement

from the player’s coach is also required by the Board.

9.6 Coaches and players must sign a Code of Conduct statement as prepared by

NHYLA and/or SEACOAST LACROSSE in order to participate in the program.

Note: Board approval is required for any dismissal.

Article X – Club Policy

10.1 The primary season for the SEACOAST LACROSSE shall be the spring league

season. The Board shall determine entering SEACOAST LACROSSE teams for

any other seasonal play outside the primary.

10.2 In the event that SEACOAST LACROSSE elects to enter both “A” and “B”

teams in an age division (U15, U13, U11) within NHYLA, evaluations will be

conducted to determine which players will be eligible for the “A” level team. The

Board shall determine the time, date, and place for evaluations.

(a) All potential SEACOAST LACROSSE players must attend ALL scheduled

evaluations. In the event of an unavoidable absence, potential players must

notify the coach prior to the scheduled evaluation date. All current and

potential SEACOAST LACROSSE players must be evaluated every year.

(b) Potential SEACOAST LACROSSE players who will unavoidably miss

scheduled evaluations must arrange with the coach to evaluation in advance

of the scheduled evaluation dates.

(c) Age eligibility for evaluations is determined by the player’s age as of


st in accordance with league rules.

(d) Any player that wants to “play up” on a team with minimum age

requirements the player does not meet must make an appeal in writing to the

Board. No player is allowed to play above their age level without permission

of the Board regardless of whether SEACOAST LACROSSE sponsors “A”

and “B” teams or only one team at a given age level.

(e) All teams sanctioned by SEACOAST LACROSSE will be named


(f) The Board shall determine annually the maximum roster size for each team.

(g) Potential players that miss the sign up deadline may file a written appeal with

the Board to participate in the coming season. The Board in its sole discretion

shall determine if players that miss the sign up deadline will be allowed to

participate or not.

10.3 A quorum of Board members is expected to attend team evaluations.

(a) The Board will appoint a committee to conduct the SEACOAST LACROSSE


(b) SEACOAST LACROSSE players shall be selected for "A" division teams

based on teamwork, and knowledge of the game, as well as on lacrosse skill

and ability.

10.4 From the results of the evaluations, players shall be selected for each SEACOAST


(a) No SEACOAST LACROSSE team shall be selected until a coach has been

assigned for the team and approved by the Board.

10.5 Registration fees shall be determined by the Board.

10.6 All current participants of Seacoast Lacrosse have first priority to play for

SEACOAST LACROSSE. These are players who are residents of Greenland,

New Castle, Newington, Portsmouth and Rye.

(a) SEACOAST LACROSSE team roster size shall be determined by the Board

and in accordance with the State of NH and NHYLA regulations.

(b) Coaches will not be permitted to “hold” positions or have unfilled spots on the

roster with the intent to fill them later in the season.

(c) If there are not enough eligible players (see 10.6) to complete a roster by

March 15

outside the defined areas.

10.7 In the event of team vacancies after a team has begun practicing together, a coach

must notify the Board of his/her intent to add players. Players may be added to the

team to fill vacancies within guidelines established by the board., the coach may come to the Board for approval for recruitment

Article XI – General Provisions

11.1 No part of the earnings of the SEACOAST LACROSSE shall benefit or be

distributed to its members or other private parties except for official Club


11.2 Provision for Dissolution:

Upon dissolution of the Club, the Club shall, after paying or making provisions

for the payment of all the liabilities of the Club, dispose of all the assets of the

Club exclusively for the purposes of the Club in such manner, or to such

organization or organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable,

educational, religious or scientific purposes and shall at the time qualify as an

exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of

1954 (or corresponding provision of any future United State Internal Revenue

Law), as the Board of Trustees shall determine. Any such assets not so disposed

of shall be disposed of by the Rockingham County Superior or Probate Court,

exclusively for such purpose or to such organizations, as said Court shall

determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

The Board of Directors attests that the foregoing constitutes a true copy of the Bylaws of

the Seacoast Lacrosse Club.


October 19, 2009


October 23, 2005

November 8, 2004

September 15, 2009


September 15, 2004